Monday, July 9, 2007

Heiden Hotel - Time Warp

Nobody puts baby in a corner.
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Going through the lobby of the former Heiden Hotel we came across a postcard showing the prosperous and fun times of summers past. Judging from the styles and the phone number on the back (190-191) it was from the late 60's.

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Carole said...

I just looked at your photos of the Heiden Hotel. It was so sad to see what happened to the hotel. I worked there as a waitress from 1963-1968. It was a wonderful place, and the best summers of my life. The postcard is from the mid sixties. I also went there as a guest for years in the late 50`s when I was a little girl. They had the best day camp in the Catskill mountains. What wonderful memories I have of my summers at the Heiden Hotel. If you want any information, I know most of the history and would be happy to share. Thank you for taking these photos.